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Welcome to the home of Pacific Korea, Inc. We are pleased to announce that our main line of business is introduced on this web site. We are specifically concentrating on Breda, Rizzini, Merkel, Diana, Silma and Norica. New semi auto Xanthos from Breda shows extra luxury and exquisite workmanship with special features in it. Take your time, relax and enjoy it. Thanks again.

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  Admin(2008-08-02 12:25:52, Hit : 2861, Vote : 465
 Hunter gets shot dead

At around 10:34PM, 1st of August, a hunter named "Nah" was shot dead with a shotgun belonging to a colleague hunter at agricultural path near Jangdong village, Youngpa-ri, Kangjin, Jeonnam.

According to police, he was shot in the belly with his colleague's shotgun fired all of a sudden, and later dead while being carried to a hospital.  It was known they were in a team of noxious animal disinfestation, and they were in operation at the time of the accident.

The police is investigating the case based on Mr. Lim's atatement that his shotgun was fired by itself while walking along the agricultual path.

3 booked for renting guns for movies
5 shots in 0.88 second

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